Used in conjunction with your App is the book, "Pricing your Services" not only is this book an instruction manual for your App, it provides you with a full explanation on how to use the Cost + Margin price point that you have calculated and how to develop a pricing strategy to merge perceived value pricing with your seat time to maximise your Salon Profitability.


Price strategies and Bonus Structures used by Leading salons in your industry are fully explained in this easy to understand hard copy or Ebook.


Key Chapters discussing how to choose relevant benchmarks to monitor your business performance, and the do's and don'ts of a profitable Bonus System will allow you to direct your business and your team.

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"Yes I am reading a book written by the extremely experienced Mick Dwyer.

I no longer own a salon, but, I wish I had read this when I did.

It would have been a tremendous help, it's written in plain english and so much logic. Congratulations  Mick this is a Winner"


-Sharon Blain


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